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Search Engines and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Whenever you enter a string to be searched in you favourite search page ie Website design Swindon, you will be using a search engine, it could by Google,Yahoo, Bing or some other but they all rely on a database that is constantly updated with information. Your website can either achieve positioning in the top 20 items displayed by payment or by clever usage of search engine optimisation techniques in the design of each website / page or by payment to a search engine service provider.

If you are looking for a product when do you look at the third page of the items selected? Most people will only view the first page of results. Of course the usage of some of the common keywords will sometimes make it difficult to get that number one page result.

Your website pages may need to be modified 'behind the scenes' to make them more interesting to the automatic software used by search engines when they visit and index your page. Your visible body text might need rearranging, the placement of images, image maps and links might need a little tinkering.

There are very subtle changes that can be made without altering the look and feel of your site that you have strived to achieve, that will make all the difference in getting your site ahead of your competitors.

DIY - you may have done all of the website promotion tweaks recommended by web promotion, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) articles on the net and in magazines, only to find that your rankings have slightly improved in some search engines and you may have been dropped from others - what is going on?

It is most probably because all of the top search engines use their 'spider' programs to analyse a website in a completely different way. An optimisation technique successful for one engine, may be completely banned by another! It is very hard indeed to get on the first page of all the search engines with just one webpage filled with your popular keyword combinations. You need multiple entry pages targeted in different ways.

You may have been successful in getting onto the first page of a search engine's results page for your selected keywords, but you still have not seen a great increase in your web traffic, why?

Well answer these questions:

Are your title and description fields and first line of body text written to appeal, captivate, and compel your visitors?

Do you do enough to make the viewers curious to learn more about your company, products or services?

Or, have you got to the first page on a search engine by repeating keywords in funny combinations in these tags? Is this not a hollow victory? i.e. if you made changes to make your title and desription tags more appealing would you slip several pages in the results to the place where no surfer goes?

Website promotion should also be done alongside normal advertising means by including your domain name on letterheads and your company vehicles!

Can you have your cake and eat it? Yes you can... Fill in our contact form for more information on how we can help now!

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