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Processing your enquiry at Internet Style

How will Internet Style process your website enquiry?

If you wish Internet Style to become involved in the development of your businesses website then the way we approach it will be dependant upon what you require.

Some businesses will hand us their existing advertising material and ask us to produce a simple site and theme it in a similar manner to the material provided (logo's, colours & pictures), face to face discussion may not be required. This option is aimed at the cost conscious smaller business and will be priced accordingly.

Other businesses will already have a good idea of what they require in their website, Internet Style can review your requirements and advise on changes that may be required. We ask that you provide us with text content for inclusion, after all you know your business and market better than us. Also include any graphics and logos, we will become involved in as much of the initial project as you require.

Once we have agreed the theme, overall page layout and linkages with you we will then develop the site in line with your agreed requirements. We will show you your website when completed and review it, if changes are required they will be made.

Where possible we will give you an estimate of expected costs but the final invoice will be based on time and materials used. Any potential over runs will be identified and alerted to you prior to execution.

We will require a deposit from yourselves, website ownership will not pass to you until final payment has been made..

Internet Style will retain Copyright of any work originated by them, you will be able to use any graphics or other prepared material for your own use. Any transfer to another party will require payment of a fee.
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